Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge Bra W00J5 Skin Or Black – Women Bra

Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge Bra W00J5

Forget every bra style you have ever seen so far and let yourself spoil you with the Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge Bra W00J5! This glorious style that was made by Wonderbra is going to make you fall in love with itself. This perfectly designed bra will be your number one choice, especially for your plunging gowns. You will never regret to be a Wonderbra user just keep on reading.


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Wonderbra Bra W00J5

Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge Bra provides you with a perfect push-up made by unique hand technology and perfect cleavage. You will fall in love with the sexiness this bra makes with its hand technology. Just a little touch and voila a perfect cleavage and sexy décolleté will show up. This bra made of 62% Polyamide, 26% Polyester, and 12% Elastane. It is safe for your health and wealth as it is totally skin-friendly made. It has a hook and eye closure which is adjustable for a flexible fit. Also, it comes with adjustable, multi-way straps that you can wear both traditional styles or crisscross to make it more aesthetic. You can also buy other straps if you do not like the straps that come with but you will not need to, we guess as the satin straps involved in the cargo package you become are not only good looking but also extremely comfortable. No shoulder harms and no strip scars again! The cups are microfibre covered and designed with a built-in flexible support system that gives you a perfect, lifted shape. Cute little cups and furthermore comfy and perfectly fitting. In favour of Its perfectly soft fabric, you will even forget that you are wearing it! Ready for comfortableness? Then you must try this Ultimate plunge bra from the ultimate Wonderbra brand as its first aim is always comfy and confidence all in one!

The Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge Bra

The wonderbra Ultimate Plunge Bra has black or skin colour options for you. But If you would ask us, we would recommend you to buy both of them! As much is not as bad as any. You will need every colour due to everyday clothing issues and you will wear it every day as you will just love the feeling of wearing it due its comfortableness and elegance on you. You can wear this bra on every occasion; Cocktails, Christmas parties, weddings, activewear, every kind of low-cut tops, and plunging necklines. You can even wear it while sleeping because It is super comfy! Sleeping with a bra on is impossible? Then just check out this Wonderbra models and we will talk after that again. You will be ultimately surprised what a comfortable and chic bra all can do!


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Questions and Answers

1. Are there any differences between the black and skin colour one apart from the colours?

No, there are not any other differences. Both of them are made of 62% Polyamide, 26% Polyester, and 12% Elastane, and in both of the bras is the hand technology involves. Also, both have the same straps and closure which you can change and wear like you want it to. The only difference between them is the colour but just for adding; both of the colours are a must in every gardrope as both of them are far more than just chic and comfy.

2. How can it be washed properly so as to not harm the bra and keep and/or wear the longer?

Please clean your bras in the good but old hand wash way as this will protect your bras from any wear-off, colour fading problems or hard use traces. With the machine wash method it would be damaged and weared-off fastly or even maybe lost its beautiful colour and tissue.

3. Does this work for large breasts or is it just a little-breast product?

The customers who used this bra proved that It does work with every size of the breast, and fits perfectly for all of them. So small or big breasts; the Wonderbra brand is always with you no matter which size or colour. Just give you a little lift up, push sexy together with our cute, ellegance and moreover comfy bra models.

4. Can this bra be worn completely strapless or would it just slide down?

Yes, by removing the straps, you can wear them strapless without any slide problems. It is also designed to let your shoulders free maybe for a nice shoulder decolete but if this question is asked with the back thought ‘strips are aching and annoying’ then we as the wonderbra team must say that our satin strips are so perfectly nice made that you even will not feel them on your shoulders. No shoulder, neck or back pain anymore!

5. Do this bras have a lower back than the other regular bras?

It has a slightly lower back that is about 1″. Thus, If you want to wear it under low-cut back clothes, It may not fulfil the need. But you can try it, maybe it defines from person to person.

6. How can I wear the Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge Bra correctly like it should be worn?

Firstly, open the hookup closure of the bra. If you are going to wear it with the bra strap, first bring your arms from those straps. Then close the clasp, or have someone else close. As an alternative way, first slide the bra around your waist and turn the hooked part to the front and close the bra clasp. Then turn the bra so that the cups come forward and pass your arms through the bra string.


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