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Benefits of Wearing A Wonderbra – Wonda Bra Pros and Cons

Benefits of Wearing A Wonderbra


Wonderbra Full Effect Gel Bra 8144

The first bra that is going to be reviewed here is Wonderbra’s Full Effect Gel Bra. Its new stunning design with gels that weights nothing and push up effect might be the reason why you should consider buying this gel bra. Benefits of Wearing A Wonderbra…

As a result of Wonderbra’s Full Effect Gel Bra’s new design, it gives a natural look for your breasts as well as giving volume to your bust, which makes it look two size bigger. Extra paddings that weights nothing will provide you a perfect looking cleavage and a push up effect you want. 

Contrary to other bras, its underwire is comfortable and does not dig in your skin. To sum up, this gel bra of Wonderbra has everything that you need in gel bras but minus the discomfort.


Wonderbra Womens Refined Glamour Full Effect Push-up Bra – Benefits of Wearing A Wonderbra

You might want to show off your cleavage, and this is where push-up bras are preferred most. However, most of the push up bras bring along discomfort as well. Let us look at Wondabra’s Refined Glamour Full Effect Push-up Bra. 

Apart from its push up, let us look at its details. You can change and adjust the straps according to your liking. You can use the straps in a traditional way, or you can crisscross the straps. This feature is what makes it convenient for wardrobe versatility.  You can use them in crisscross if you are going to show off your shoulders or you can use them in traditional way for everyday clothing. This push-up bra has floral lace and mesh which makes it look gorgeous. 

Wonderbra’s Refined Glamour Full Effect Push-up Bra’s cups are padded which helps the push-up effect that is promised by the product. The pads are a mixture of gel and air. The lift it provides looks natural. However, as it is made of lace and mesh, it can be very scratchy and uncomfortable for the daily usage.

Wonderbra Womens Refined Glamour Balconette Bra – Benefits of Wearing A Wonderbra

Balconette bras may be preferred for so many reasons: their look, their push-up effect and so on. Let us look at Wonderbra’s Refined Glamour Balconette Bra. As well as providing a gorgeous visual, it provides a subtle push-up effect. Wondabra’s Balconette Bra is flexible even if there is an underwire. Therefore, you can prefer it for daily usage as well.

Unfortunately, it can be washed only by hand. Its straps are lace trimmed and can be adjusted according to your liking. Since its straps are lace trimmed, they might dig in your skin. It is decorated with floral lace and mesh cups. Another factor that provides comfort is that its fabric is soft. Its details all in all make you feel beautiful. It provides a beautiful and natural look with its slight boost.

The only issue about Wonderbra’s Balconette Bra is that its straps actually. They might curl while wearing so you need to adjust it during day.



Wonderbra Ladies Fabulous Feel Triangle Bra W06S9 Underwired Push Up – Benefits of Wearing A Wonderbra

If you are looking just for a natural push up with not so fancy bra, you might consider buying Wonderbra’s Fabulous Feel Triangle Bra. This bra’s overlay is made of lace and there is an underwire which gives a light support. So as to boost your bust, there is a light padding. It does not show any effect just like push up bras but enough for a nice cleavage. 

You can adjust the straps that do not dig in your skin or do not slide off. Wonderbra’s Fabulous Feel Triangle Bra offers you a wide range of cup sizes from A to G. It gives a lovely shape with its material and paddings. 

As well as giving a natural shape, the bra gives a more natural feeling, which is why it is okay to wear it for daily usage. This bra looks simple but elegant, the area over the paddings is see-through which adds to its visual. All in all, it creates a natural and boosted look.




ID Image Product Ratings Price
1- Maidenform Women’s Natural Boost Demi Bra 1,590
2- Playtex Women’s Secrets All Over Smoothing Full-Figure Underwire Bra 1,861
3- Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Active Lifestyle Full Coverage Bra 9,682
4- Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Smoothing Underwire Bra 14,756
5- Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire Free Bra 3,624



Wonderbra Full Effect Gel Bra 8144

Wonderbra Womens Refined Glamour Full Effect Push-up Bra

Wonderbra Womens Refined Glamour Balconette Bra

Wonderbra Ladies Fabulous Feel Triangle Bra W06S9 Underwired Push Up


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Benefits of Wearing A Wonderbra – Question and Answer

1. Do bra’s straps slide off?

Most of the bras lately does not cause such a problem, but you can choose a bra that has steady straps if you read its reviews on internet.

2. How to find the right size for every bra?

Every brand provides a chart for sizes. You can check them on internet.

3. Do bras get wet because of sweating?

It might be caused because of the material of the bra, but that is not the case when it comes to Wonderbra. 

4. Do straps dig in?

If you choose the wrong size, they might dig in.

5. Why do you need a push-up bra?

It is more of a visual thing instead of a need actually. If you want to make your bust bigger, you need push-up bras.


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